Opening hours

Hail and welcome!

Admission to Ribe VikingeCenter is led through our gift shop, which is located in the barn of the Manor Farm. This is where you buy your ticket and receive up-to-date information. The gift shop offers a wide range of crafts, gifts and souvenirs.

Opening hours 2016

02.05.-08.05.  International  Viking Market
09.05.-24.06.  10:00-15:30  Mon-Fri
25.06.-28.08.  11:00-17:00  Mon-Sun
29.08.-21.10.  10:00-15:30  Mon-Fri
03.12.-04.12.  11:00-16:00  Sat-Sun

International Viking Market 2016

02.05.-04.05.  10:00-15:30
05.05.-08.05.  10:00-17:00