Hands-on activities

Become part of the history

Living history in Ripa every day!

Every day you will come face to face with many Vikings in Ribe VikingeCenter. Danes who 'live' and work in Viking Ripa, but also people who have travelled from abroad to trade in the town. You will come across different cultures and languages just like in Ripa some 1000 years ago.

In Ribe VikingeCenter, hands-on activities are never short on the ground, and there's something for everybody. The Vikings make the place come to life and interact in improvised role plays. You're very welcome to join in. There's no glass to separate you from the experience of Viking life. Use all your senses and become part of history.

Check out the calendar and the dates for our special events and themed weeks. Those days offer even more activities and shows.

Discover the life of a Viking

A typical day offers many activities for you to join:

  • Grind flour on the quern
  • Bake a flatbread over the open fire
  • Learn how to play different Viking games
  • Put on a Viking cape and hat
  • Ask in the Thing-hall if you may help out with the chores
  • Make wooden nails for the master builder
  • Join the warrior training (for children between 7 and 13 years)
  • Try on a real Viking helmet and feel just how heavy a warrior sword and shield is
  • Try your hand at the warrior exercises to train your speed and technique
  • Attend the falcon show and meet the birds of prey
  • Visit the playground
  • On many occasions the jester gives performances

The activities mentioned above are all free.

Archery, coin minting and wood carving

  • Try your hand at archery
  • Make yourself a copy of the Ripa coin
  • Try working at the shaving horse using a draw knife

These three activities are DKK 30 each.

At the entrance/ticket sales you can purchase a reduced-price ticket for these three hands-on experiences. The activity card is DKK 60 and with it you can try each of the three activities once.

Visit the Viking houses, homes and workshops

The Vikings are looking forward to your visit. The craftsmen are proud of their work and really enjoy explaining their tools and techniques, so please ask!

The marketplace is the location of the jeweller, and across from him is the glass beadmaker's workshop. You might be just in time to watch the making of a beautiful bead. In both workshops the craftsmen sell their handmade jewellery. You should also stop by the blacksmith and have a peak inside the small and dark smithy. He's producing anything from nails, knives and fittings. The carpenter's workshop is located in Ripa Town. It's a very interesting place with many details.

The Thing-hall in Ripa Town and the Longhouse on the Viking farm are both very prestigious and active homes. Perhaps the lady of the house is cooking food, maybe somebody is sewing, making soap, singing or telling stories. Take a seat and have a chat with the Vikings on site.

We dare you to visit the sacrificial place. The Völva lives here. She's like a shaman, the spiritual leader and healer in the Nordic society. Her place is the small wooden shed by the bog and sacrificial place where she practices her knowledge of the Norse Gods, the runes and medicine plants. If she's not in, have a peak through the door and notice all the wooden Norse mythology statues on the site.

On the Viking farm you will find people working in the garden, in the stable and around the animals. If you would like to know more about Viking life on a farm, the crops, the animal breeds and the seasonal chores, this is the place to ask! And if you're interested in learning more about the warriors' and archers' gear, techniques and training, you need to visit the Ring Wall.

Don't rush! Set aside time for your visit

On avarage our guests spend somewhere between 3 and 4 hours on a visit in Ribe VikingeCenter.

What's on?

Check the calendar for the season's special events.