The playground

The small scale Viking world

The adventures in Midgard and Asgard

The earth was like a large island, surrounded by sea. In the middle of the earth was the home of humans, called MIDGARD, protected by a fence made of the eyelashes and eyebrows of the giant Ymer. Beyond the fence, was the country known as UTGARD, and there, in the cold and mountainous land by the sea, lived the giants.

Up above the clouds, ASGARD was the dwelling-place of the gods; from up there they could see the whole earth. And above them - its branches stretching across the world - stood the crown of an ash tree, YGGDRASIL.

Let your imagination take flight

The playground at Ribe VikingeCenter is an Eldorado for toddlers and young children alike. In our miniature Viking world kids can busy themselves making wooden nails, getting firewood, "cooking" and visiting each other in the small houses in Midgard, which is the part of the world belonging to humans and the perfect framework for creating your own games.

If you are brave, strong and cautious you may try making your way through Asgard alive. This is the world of the gods and the place where dead warriors were gathered. To get to Asgard you must follow the path that leads across the sea… but beware! If you touch the ground, the Midgard Serpent will come and get you!