The Ribe Frieze

The mural in the Thing-hall

An enduring commemoration of Ribe's 1300 years' jubilee

Step inside the prestigious Thing-hall. In the firelight, the narrative of the Ribe Frieze comes to life.

The Thing-hall, where assemblies were held around 825 AD, is where you can see the splendid 20 meter long wall mural made by Trine Theut. The frieze tells the story of the foundation of Ribe, of when the Frisian traders were banished from the ford by Ribe River and of when, during the years leading up to the year 800, the first town homes were built. The Ribe Frieze was made to mark Ribe's 1300 years' jubilee in 2010.

The paints used in the mural are composed, as they would have been in the Viking Age, of earth pigments bound with chalk. Even in the case of precious ultramarine, we elected to use the historically correct pigment: a finely ground powder from the gemstone lapis lazuli. The style of the painting is also appropriate to the Viking Age, and the figures in the story have been recreated from depictions on runic stones, as well as carved and woven imagery from the period.