Viking cooking

Viking cooking July 12-16, 2021

Open 11:00-17:00

Visit the Longhouse kitchen and the lady of the house. She'll share her tips and recipes for delicious Viking food cooked over an open fire. Join her when she goes to get vegetables and herbs in the garden.

In Ripa Town the Viking families staying in the Inn and the Ribe House are also busy in the kitchens and will prepare different dishes every day. They will smoke foods, make cheese, dry herbs and more.

Questions regarding ingredients, method or Viking food in general are most welcome.

If you would like to try out bonfire cooking at home, you can find recipes and instruction videos right here. 

Programme July 12-16, 2021

11:00-16:30: Hands-on: Coin making*, wood carving* and archery*
11:00-17:00: Hands-on: make wooden nails. Grind flour. Challenge each other to a Viking game. Try out the warrior exercises. Visit the Viking playground.
11:30: Join the mistress in the garden DK+GB
11:30-16:00: Viking cooking in the Inn and the Ribe House
12:00: The farmer feeds the animals
12:00-15:00: Viking cooking in the Longhouse
13:00: Warrior training for children 7-13 years
15:00: Falconry show
15:30-16:30: Hands-on: Bake a flatbread at the Thing-hall
The mistress explains about edible herbs DK+GB

*Archery, coin making and wood carving cost DKK 30.00 each.
Buy an activity card to join each of the three hands-on activities once. Available at the entrance for DKK 60.00.


Subject to change.