The archers

Hunting and warfare

Try your aim at archery

The young archers are always game for an interesting talk about hunting or warfare, the qualities of the longbows, the different functions of various arrowheads and more.

Bow and arrow were indispensable for the Vikings, not just for war but for the hunt. The great number of arrowheads found everywhere the Vikings had been is proof of this. They were mainly made of iron, but whalebone or animal bones were also sometimes used. The longbows were made of yew, ash or elm wood.

They can most often be found at the archery range where they meet every day to manufacture chain mail or bows, repair arrows or compete against each other in the difficult art of archery. They will be happy to show you how it is done - or perhaps you have already mastered the technique and want to test your abilities in some target shooting competition against the Vikings.