The Viking armourer

Equipment for attack and protection

Heavy helmets and chain mails

The armourer often pitches his tent near the archers. In his stall you can see all the weapons he has manufactured himself, but also a number of imported swords made in the kingdom of the Franks, south of the Danish border. The Franks are incredibly skilled weapon smiths and make some of the finest and sharpest blades around. In addition to spears, arrowheads, axes and swords, the armourer has a variety of shields, helmets and mail shirts for the warriors' protection.

Making a chain mail is a colossal piece of work which can sometimes take the armourer several years to complete, and for this reason you may often see the artisan himself or one of his helpers occupied in gathering and closing some of the thousands of tiny rings that go into forming larger sections of this formidable armour.

If you ask nicely you might get to try on some of his weapons, helmets, armour, etc.