The bronze caster

The challenge of the casting process

Liquid metal is poured into the mould

A couple of times every year, the market place by Ribe Å, the small river, is visited by the bronze caster which always generates a lot of excitement.

Over the course of a single day he builds up an oven and makes ready to start the casting: Belt buckles, horse harnesses, brooches, clothespins and more. Especially popular are the oval shell brooches with which the women like to fasten the straps of their dresses.

It is always fascinating to watch the glowing, liquid metal being poured into the mould. Few minutes later, the mould can be broken away. This is a tense moment. Did the object come out whole or were there bubbles of air or other defects in the casting? Although the shape may be perfect, much work still remains: rough patches must be sawed off or filed down, and many hours of polishing lie ahead before the finished object can be sold.