The weaver

Thin strands of yarn and complicated patterns

When the weaver is in town

Every housewife and her daughters knows how to spin yarn and dye it with locally available plants, as well as to weave the wool cloth that is used for most of the household garments, but when the weaver comes to town he is thronged by women and girls. His fabrics are weft in complicated patterns and of the very thinnest strands of yarn - not just from wool and linen, but also other fibres, such as from stinging nettles. Perhaps he has even brought spools or cloth of silk from some of his long journeys.

The weaver's yarn is always the most brightly coloured and from him you can buy madder and indigo for the reds and blues. The weaver is always a source of good advice about dyeing - and you too might come away with a useful tip or two, if you so desire!