Cream of honey and sea buckthorn

Cream of honey and sea buckthorn

Not far from the Viking farm stands a very special tree, a sea buckthorn. The berries are bright yellow/orange and should be picked about now. It's a difficult job because of all the thorns, but it's well worth it.

The small berries are incredibly nutritious and considered a "superfood". One small berry contains more vitamin C than an orange! The berries are also very sour which is welcomed in the Nordic kitchen where citrus fruits don't belong.

This is a recipe for a cream of honey and sea buckthorn. It's incredibly good, especially if you let it cool until the following day and give it a whisk.

If you can get hold of frozen berries, you should thaw them beforehand.

½ cup cream
½ cup honey
100 g sea buckthorn berries.

Video: How to make cream of honey and sea buckthorn

Mix cream and honey in a saucepan. Add the sea buckthorn berries and let the mixture simmer for about 15-20 minutes. Watch it closely as it is likely to boil over!

Let the cream cool and serve it with pancakes or for instance modern cake and ice cream.

Or better yet: Let the cream rest in the fridge until the next day. It will be thicker and can be whisked (you might want to use an electric mixer) into a smooth cream. It's really good!



1 cup = 200 ml