Flatbread with cream cheese, bacon and onion

Flatbread with cream cheese, bacon and onion

This snack is brilliant for lunch or as an appetizer. Depending on how you plan to serve your flatbreads, you can make them a bit smaller or bigger. The essential thing is the combination of flavours. Bread, cheese, bacon and onion... so good!

Recipe for 8 flatbreads

8 flatbreads with thyme - get the recipe here
Fresh cream cheese - get the recipe here
8 slices of good smoked bacon
2 onions
Chopped thyme

Video: How to make flatbreads with cream cheese, bacon and onion

Bake the flatbreads and make the fresh cream cheese. Follow our recipes, check out the videos.

Season the bacon with thyme and salt. Cook the slices in a hot frying pan until golden and crispy. Transfer the bacon to a plate and set aside.

Slice the onions and cook them in the same pan to use the bacon fat. Season with thyme and salt. Let the onions cook until they begin caramelizing.

To build a flatbread snack, start with a warm flatbread and a spread of fresh cream cheese. Place a slice of bacon on top, then some onions and sprinkle with fresh thyme. Now try to make the rest before you start eating!