We are a member of the Accessibility Label Scheme

Accessibility for all

At Ribe VikingeCenter all our Viking environments are accessible to the disables. In 2008 we established 200 metres of plank road and 400 metres of new gravel footpaths.

Easy Access

Ribe VikingeCenter is a member of the Accessibility Label Scheme. Our entire Centre has been thoroughly examined and nearly all areas have been awarded at least 6 out of 7 possible "accessibility rating points."

As a result of the open hearth-fires inside the Viking houses, these cannot be awarded the asthma and allergy certification, but all in all, Ribe VikingeCenter can be considered a highly receptive and accessible environment to people with disabilities. View a fact sheet with a more detailed description of our accessibility.

Providing everyone with a pleasurable experience

This improved accessibility is owed, among other things, to a thorough renovation of our footpath system. The sites that may have contained plank roads in the Viking Age have had this feature established and all other areas have been connected with discrete hard-surface gravel paths, which are comfortable to walk on and accommodate wheel chairs, prams and strollers. The outlines of the footpaths simultaneously aid vision impaired in their safe navigation around the site. We look forward to providing everyone with an even more pleasurable experience.

In establishing the gravel footpaths and plank roads in oak, Ribe VikingeCenter has taken another step towards securing optimal accessibility for those of our 45.000 yearly visitors who require disability-friendly facilities. The Centre offers four handicap toilets and the café on the manor Lustrupholm - which is part of the Centre - is likewise equipped for the convenience of wheelchair users, and is a non-smoking environment, of course.

The parking lot has two handicap parking spots, situated right by the entrance.