The Ansgar Church 860 AD

Visit the Ansgar Church 860 AD in Ribe VikingeCenter.


The Apostle of the North, bishop and missionary Ansgar, was given the permission to build a church in Ribe in the middle of the 9th century, but where exactly? In 2008, the archaeologists had the opportunity to dig in the area around the present medieval cathedral in Ribe and actually found several Viking Age graves. It indicates that the church built by Ansgar most like stood on the site of the present cathedral.

It's difficult to visualize Ansgar's church when standing in the town centre of Ribe as the area has changed a lot since the 9th centure. However, in Ribe VikingeCenter you can actually visit a qualified reconstruction of the first church in Denmark and experience how the interior of the church might have looked like.