RIPA docu - The Journey of the Church Bell

The story of the church bell is a tribute to a large group of volunteers, dedication, friendship and love of adventure.

It took nothing less than four attempts and a lot of persistence to cast the church bell in Hedeby (Haithabu). The bell is a copy of the bell found in 1978 in the harbour in Hedeby. Next, the volunteer Vikings wanted to bring the bell to Ribe by boat just like they would have done it in the 9th century, but it was easier said than done. The modern day landscape and the open sea did not play along completely. Meanwhile, an expectant crowd of people were waiting on the quayside in Ribe, curious about the precious bell. Get the complete story here by watching the film!

Visit the Ansgar Church and experience the Viking town Ribe come alive in Ribe VikingeCenter.

The docudrama has been created with the support of


The series was produced by Ribe VikingeCenter in co-operation with Malstrøm.



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