Volunteer Vikings

Do you have your own authentic Viking equipment and some time to spare? If so, look here!  

Throughout the opening hours of Ribe VikingeCenter, the Market Place, 720 AD, and the Great Farm, 980 AD, are brought to life by Viking artisans and farmers. In Ribe Town, 825 AD, the focus is on household chores, handiwork and gardening and there is an area with activities for children. The Viking town is also where the carpenters ply their trade.

Ribe VikingCentre is brought to life by the centre's staff, students and craftsmen, as well as volunteers from a number of different groups. We would also like to invite you to participate as volunteer interpreters. There are certain conditions:

  • You need to have your own authentic Viking equipment and costumes.
  • You must have experience with interpretation/storytelling.
  • If you haven't been a volunteer in Ribe VikingeCenter before, you need to send us references and pictures of yourself and your equipment. 

We offer you the opportunity go stay and work in the Marketplace, on the Manor Farm or in Ribe Town. We offer a daily allowance to those staying for a minimum of five consecutive days.

We expect our volunteer Vikings to take part in the presentation and communication of the Viking Age to our visitors, and that they otherwise abide by the rules and regulations applying to our facilities. Please note! It is not allowed to conduct any sales of "considerable extent" and that all trade items must be pre-approved by Ribe VikingeCenter.

The annual Viking market takes place during the first week of May, but it is not possible to sign up for this event here.

Throughout the season we have a number of special events planned. Take a look at our event calendar if you wish to join us in connection with one of these.

Please apply before May 15. Please use the entry form.