What's on

Time: 23.06.2018 - 26.08.2018

DateTimeEventMeeting place
23.06 - 26.0813:00 Mon-SunWarrior training for children 7-13 yrs  

The language is rough when the warriors teach the young recruits how to fight like Vikings with spear, sword and shield. You have better be ready and do as your told. Free activity.

Ring Wall
23.06 - 26.0815:00 Mon-FriFalconry show  

The falconer will explain about the use of birds of prey for hunting. The birds are incredibly fast and for a juice chunk of meat they are keen to demonstrate their brilliant flying skills right over your head. Free show.

Ripa Town
23.06 - 26.0815:00 Sat-SunArchery show  

The archers like to show the audience how skilled they are with the longbow. Learn more about bows, arrows and technique. You'll get a few tips in case you would like to try your aim ar archery afterwards.

Ring Wall
23.06 - 26.08 Mon-SunTry your aim at archery  

The hand-made longbows with real arrows are waiting for you. Maybe you are a natural and better than the Viking archers. Take a shot and find out. DKK 25.00 or buy an activity card.

Ring Wall
23.06 - 26.08 Mon-SunMake your own Ripa-coin  

Meet the king's coin minter in Ribe Viking Centre and make your own silver coin. A copy of the coin used in Ripa Marketplace some 1300 years ago. DKK 25.00 or buy an activity card.

Ripa Marketplace
23.06 - 26.08 Mon-SunWood carving  

Visit the carpenter in his workshop in Ripa Town. You're welcome to borrow a draw knife and do some work at the shaving horse. DKK 25,00 or buy an activity card.

Ripa Town
23.06 - 26.08 Mon-SunHands-on activities  

In Ribe VikingeCenter we want you to experience history with all your senses! Grind flour and then bake a flatbread. Learn how to play the old Viking games and invent your own games on the historical playground. Make wooden nails, tie knots, and try on a Viking helmet. Go visit the horses, cows, cats and the rest of the animals on the farm. Let your imagination run free and play along when the Vikings improvise and make history come to life. All these activities are free.

Ribe VikingeCenter
25.06 - 29.06 Mon-FriViking faith  

Some of the local Vikings in Ripa still keep to the old gods, while others have switched over to the new faith, Christianity. Meet the völva in the house at the sacrificial place. She knows all there is to know about the old gods, runes and herbal plants. On the other side of the river you can visit the Ansgar Church and have a chat with the representatives of the new faith.

Ribe VikingeCenter
02.07 - 06.07 Mon-FriViking tales, music and stories  

The Vikings know lots of fantastic stories about gods, heroes and foreing lands. This week they will let you in on some of them and even spice it up a bit with music and acting.

Ribe VikingeCenter
22.07 - 28.07 Sun-SatVikings on Icelandic horses  

Meet the Vikings' horses up-close. The Icelandic horse is relatively small, strong, steady and a direct descendant of the horses, which the Vikings brought with them to Iceland in the 9th century. Also, it boasts a fifth gait: Tölt.

Ribe VikingeCenter
30.07 - 05.08 Mon-SunViking warriors!  

The earth is shaking and it smells like trouble. Yes, once again Ripa is on red alert. Schemes and riots are the the topic of this week, which offers thing assemblies, single combat and big fights. Warriors from Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands invade Ribe VikingeCenter to engage in this years role play. You should definitely pay us a visit to experience the tense atmosphere, the fights and the storyline - or stay updated on www.facebook.com/ribevikingecenter.dk.

Ribe VikingeCenter
16.07 - 20.07 Mon-FriViking food  

The lady of the Manor Farm is responsible for the housekeeping, and every day she prepares good and nutritious food for all the people on the farm. Come visit her this week and watch how she manages to cook a delicious meal over an open fire. You may even have a sample of the food. Questions regarding ingredients, method or Viking food in general are most welcome.

Ribe VikingeCenter
07.08 - 09.08 Tue-ThuVisit the Vikings in Ripa Town  

The Viking families invite you to visit them in their beautiful homes in Ripa Town. Who might they be, how do they stay warm at night, and where is the bathroom? Explore town life in 825 AD and find an answer to all your questions.

Ripa Town
14.08 - 16.08 Tue-ThuVisit the Vikings in the Marketplace  

Craftspeople and traders meet in the Marketplace in Ripa. You can for instance meet the glass beadmaker, run into the slave trader and perhaps steal a trick or two from the jester.

18.08 - 19.08 Sat-SunBlacksmiths' gathering  

This weekend skilled Viking blacksmiths meet in Ribe VikingeCenter. Watch as they work on different projects the way the old Danes did.

Ripa Marketplace