What's on

Time: 23.04.2020 - 26.06.2020

DateTimeEventMeeting place
23.04 - 26.06 Mon-FriHands-on activities  

In Ribe VikingeCenter we want you to experience history with all your senses! Grind flour and then bake a flatbread. Learn how to play the old Viking games and invent your own games on the historical playground. Make wooden nails and try on a Viking helmet. Go visit the horses, cows, cats and the rest of the animals on the farm. Let your imagination run free and play along when the Vikings improvise and make history come to life. All these activities are free.

Ribe VikingeCenter
23.04 - 26.06 Mon-FriTry your aim at archery  

The hand-made Viking longbows with real arrows are waiting for you. Try your aim and find out if you are a natural. DKK 30.00 or buy an activity card.

Ring Wall
23.04 - 26.06 Mon-FriMake your own Ripa-coin  

In the marketplace in Ribe Viking Centre you can make your own silver coin, an exact copy of the coin used in the marketplace some 1300 years ago. DKK 30.00 or buy an activity card.

23.04 - 26.06 Mon-FriWood carving  

Visit the carpenter in his workshop in Ripa Town. You're welcome to borrow a draw knife and do some work at the shaving horse. DKK 30.00 or buy an activity card.

Ripa Town
23.04 - 26.0612:15 Mon-FriWarrior training for children 7-13 yrs  

The language is rough when the warriors teach the young recruits how to fight like Vikings with sword and shield. You have better be ready and do as your told. Free activity.

Ring Wall
23.04 - 26.0614:00 Mon-FriFalconry show  

Meet the falconer and his beautiful birds of prey. The birds are incredibly fast and for a juice chunk of meat they are keen to demonstrate their brilliant flying skills right over your head. Free show.

Ripa Town
27.04 - 03.05 Mon-SunCANCELLED: International Viking Market  

There is a busy trade going at the stalls, horses are whinnying, smoke from the fireplaces is in the air, and the troublemakers amongst the Vikings just cannot help picking a fight. Enjoy a week of fantastic international market atmosphere as it would have been 1300 years ago in Ripa. Take your time to explore the place, chat with the stallholders and strike a good bargain.

Ribe VikingeCenter
29.04 - 24.0613:00 WedExperience the Ansgar Church  

Experience the very special atmosphere in the Viking church 860 AD during a short historical ceremony.

Ansgar Church
04.05 - 26.0611:00 Mon-FriViking farmer feeds animals  

Come along for the daily animal feeding on the Viking farm. Meet the Icelandic horses, the Icelandic cattle, the sheep, pigs, chickens and cats. Free activity.

The Viking farm
04.05 - 22.0613:00 MonThe völva's herbs  

Meet the völva and join her on a short walk. She will show and explain about the healing herbs she likes to use. Free activity.

Sacrificial place
05.05 - 25.0613:00 Tue + ThuMarket entertainment  

The jester in Ripa has a lot of crazy tricks up his sleeve and gives a performance in the marketplace. Come and meet him! Free show.

08.05 - 26.0613:00 FriThe archaeologist explains  

Meet up with the archaeologist in Ribe VikingeCenter and learn more about the background for the buildings that we have been reconstructing since 1992. With the different Viking settings, we're able to showcase the town Ribe's development from the foundation around 700 AD till the end of the 900s. In order to give a complete picture and make history even more hands-on to our visitors, historical interpreters are always on site to recreate everyday life, crafts, trade, farming and customs. All this is based on a huge research work and new knowledge keep turning up with every archaeological dig in old Ribe.

22.06 - 25.06 Mon-ThuSummer Solstice preparations  

The Vikings are getting ready for the Summer Solstice celebration on Friday June 26. They must practise for the pageant with the horses, learn the music and songs. They also need to decorate the maypole wreath, prepare the food etc.

Ribe VikingeCenter
26.06 FriSummer Solstice Celebration  

The sun is high and nature's larder is bursting with food. Summer Solstice is an important time of the year to the Vikings and an obvious reason to celebrate. Why don't you join us.

Ribe VikingeCenter