What's on

Time: 28.08.2017 - 27.10.2017

DateTimeEventMeeting place
28.08 - 27.1012:15 Mon-FriWarrior training for children 7-13 yrs  

The language is rough when the warriors teach the young recruits how to fight like Vikings with spear, sword and shield. You have better be ready and do as your told. Free activity.

Ring Wall
28.08 - 27.1014:00 Mon-FriFalconry show  

The falconer will explain about the use of birds of prey for hunting. The birds are incredibly fast and for a juice chunk of meat they are keen to demonstrate their brilliant flying skills right over your head. Free show.

Town field
28.08 - 27.10 Mon-FriTry your aim at archery  

The hand-made longbows with real arrows are waiting for you. Maybe you are a natural and better than the Viking archers. Take a shot and find out. 5 arrows DKK 25.00 or buy an activity card.

Ring Wall
28.08 - 27.10 Mon-FriMake your own Ripa-coin  

Visit the Viking silversmith in the marketplace. He's not just a silversmith, but a royal coin minter as well. You can make your own copy of the coin, which was used in the marketplace in Ripa in the 8th century. DKK 25.00 or buy an activity card.

Ripa Marketplace
28.08 - 27.10 Mon-FriWood whittling  

Visit the carpenter in his workshop in Ripa Town, 825 AD. You're welcome to borrow a draw knife and do some work at the shaving horse. DKK 25,00 or buy an activity card.

Ripa Town
28.08 - 27.10 Mon-FriHands-on activities  

At Ribe VikingeCenter we want you to experience history with all your senses! Grind flour and then bake a flatbread. Learn how to play the old Viking games, and invent your own games on the historical playground. Make wooden nails and knots, or try on a Viking helmet. Go visit the horses, cows, cats and the rest of the animals on the farm. Let your imagination run free and play along when the Vikings improvise and make history come to life. All these activities are free.

Ribe VikingeCenter
16.10 - 20.10 Mon-FriFilm and role playing  

Do you know our stories about Sven, the craftsman and Asketud, the slave? This week you can play a part in the stories. You get to put a Viking cape on and then you're sent out on a mission in Ripa.

Ribe VikingeCenter
16.10 - 27.10 Mon-FriViking activities in Autumn  

The Vikings in Ripa prepare for autumn and winter. The farmer slaughters animals and the women prepare food for the winter supply. Many hands-on activities awaits the children, and you can attend both a horse trade and a horse show.

Ribe VikingeCenter